Our Experiments

Our experiments are tried and tested with safety in the up most of our minds.

The children are kept at a safe distance when they need to be and the experiments are fun, engaging and can be very spectacular!

Here's some of what we get up to:


  • We mix powders together to make fireballs, set off dry ice bombs, collect hydrogen gas and set it on fire, burn magnesium inside dry ice for a spectacular firework effect - we like bangs and whizzes! These experiments are done outdoors.


  • We roll cloth fireballs in our hands and not get burnt (not for the children this experiment!), we do the classic whoosh bottle experiment, we burn real money and it survives!


  • We make slime! The kids get to take it home. We make dry ice ice-cream! The kids get to eat it (adults too). It takes us 4 minutes to make and tastes like no ice cream you have ever tasted before.

Fun Science

  • We do the classic elephant's toothpaste experiment, we have fun with magnets and copper wire, we balance soda cans and play the disappearing water game, we make dry ice boo bubbles, we make vortex smoke rings, we have lots of fun stuff at our parties.