What Goes On at our Parties?

The Party Format

After meeting the parents and giving out the birthday badge to the birthday child(ren) we get all the children seated and explain the simple rules. The party starts with the demonstration of experiments to the children and watching adults. We move to the part of the party where the children make real hands on science. We finish off with more demonstrations.

Whenever we need a special helper we always choose the birthday child(ren) to help us and make them the stars.


Our demonstrations are tailored to the age group of the attending children. We perform the experiments in front of the children who are kept a safe distance back. Most of the experiments are great fun, visually fantastic and full of bangs and whizzes. For the older children we have even louder bangs and some more spectacular experiments. Whilst the experiments are fun, we explain the chemical reactions in a fun way and get the children engaged in what we are showing them.

Hands On Workshop

Half way through the party we get the kids to make things in the work shop. For the younger children we get them to make slime, goo or bouncy balls - which they love making. For the older children they do more technical experiments which we are on hand to explain to them.

Our workshops are great fun and every child goes home with something from our parties.

Catering & Party Bags

After your party we have a food area available if you have booked at our main venue. You are more than welcome to provide your own food or you may wish to look at our catering option. The school charges £15 for the use of this room and we pass that on at cost. Frankie and Benny's and PizzaHut both deliver hot food directly to the room.

Our party bags start from £2 and you chose the individual items for your party bags. Party bags and catering are ordered through our on-line customer area.